I didn't believe in myself anymore. I had failed trying to get healthy so many times, but after reading F.I.T. and doing Kim's Workouts, I've lost 35 pounds, found bold confidence, and I now know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


Kim's book has inspired and empowered me to change my perspective on food, exercise and my relationship with God for the better, for the rest of my life.

Her workouts makes working out fun, quick and effective. I love the way she shows us proper form and technique, while cheering us on to give it our all! I’m happy to say I’ve lost 13 pounds and kept it off!


I wanted a program I could use to help me and my two daughters create healthy habits and a Godly view of our bodies. F.I.T. pointed us to who we are in Christ, and through Kim's 10 Steps to F.I.T. we are healthier and happier than ever!